Healthcare Real Estate Services

We are changing how successful medical and dental offices are opened.
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Gain a competitive advantage in communities that need your expertise.

Our clients trust our proven processes to:

  • Start, expand, and relocate their private practices.

  • Manage the interior build-out of their office spaces.

  • Develop their offices from the ground up.

  • Sell their practices upon retirement.


Demographics & Brokerage

With our healthcare-specific demographic data and seasoned brokers, you'll learn how to take a data-driven approach to select a medical office space for your new or growing practice. 

Development & Project Management

Whether your dream is to build a medical office from the ground up or gain an advocate during the interior build-out, our dedicated medical construction management team can support you through these complex projects.

Practice Acquisitions & Transitions

Sell your practice with the power of in-house legal, marketing, demographics, and real estate teams all working seamlessly together. 


Achieve your startup, expansion, relocation, and development goals.

Our industry-leading demographic data, site selection, project management, and development solutions can help.

Xite Realty is the leading healthcare real estate company that is dedicated to help you become the practice owner you want to be in an office that sets you up for success.

All of our expertise is put to use on your practice — from finding an optimal location using our proprietary demographics database and data analytics team to building the practice of your dreams from the ground up.

We've been fortunate enough to partner with healthcare providers across the U.S. on their journey to practice ownership. Our work identifies needs in underserved communities and pairs them with your specialty.

You tell us your practice goals, preferred patient profile, and personal preferences, and we'll get to work as your advocate and player-coach in your corner.