Pets need your courage and commitment to care for their needs in their community.


Demographics & Brokerage

With our healthcare-specific demographic data and seasoned veterinary real estate brokers, you'll learn how to take a data-driven approach to select a veterinary office space for your new or growing practice. 

Development & Project Management

Whether your dream is to build an animal hospital from the ground up or gain an advocate during the interior build-out, our dedicated veterinary construction management team can support you through these complex projects.

Connect with our Veterinary Real Estate Brokers

"[Xite Realty] has been extremely helpful while working with me on the clinic move/expansion. [They are] proficient at communicating with clients and the other party involved and keeping the ball rolling."

Dr. D'Lynn Thompson, DVM

Healing Hands Veterinary Hospital


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How to Leverage Demographics to Identify a Practice Location

In this webinar, you'll learn how successful doctors are using demographic data to identify optimal veterinary office space. Register now to access trade secrets for animal clinic site selection.


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Lili Veterinary Hospital

Animal hospital in San Antonio, Texas

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True Companion Veterinary Care

Veterinary clinic in Cypress, Texas


Austin Cure Veterinary Real Estate Broke

Austin Cure

Vice President

Drew Etheridge Veterinary Real Estate Br

Drew Etheridge

Vice President

Brandon Fauley Veterinary Real Estate Br

Brandon Fauley

Vice President