Freedom Family Dental

Client Information:

  • Dr. Joshua McPhee

  • General Dentist

  • University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, 2015


Location Highlights:

  • Fort Worth, Texas

  • High-growth area of Fort Worth off Heritage Trace Parkway

  • Next to an International Leadership of Texas charter school

  • A space that could feel like an extension of home or going to a friends' house




Xite Realty Team Member:

"Xite Realty was very helpful in negotiating and helping with my lease process. I recommend them to anyone needing good advice when analyzing demographics for commercial spaces, and correspondence with property owners. I am very happy with how I was treated by Brandon Fauley, who has become a very close friend since finishing our buildout and starting our business in Fort Worth. Thanks, Xite!"

Joshua McPhee, DDS

Xite Realty

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