Learn Practice Ownership Tips from Industry Leaders

Are you unsure of how to start or grow your own practice? Rest assured — practice ownership is attainable! With advocates in your corner and insider tips from industry experts in your playbook, you'll be able to become an entrepreneur with confidence.

Attend a live or request access to an on-demand webinar to learn how to start and build successful medical and dental offices. 

How to Start-up Pediatric Dental Office_

Vice President

Austin Cure

How to Open a Pediatric Dental Practice with a Dominant Office Location

Learn a proven six-step strategy for starting a pediatric dental office. We'll show you how demographic data is a critical component of site selection and overall location success in order to outperform your competitors. Register now >

Dental Demographics Dental Office Space_


Tommy Newton

How to Leverage Demographics to Identify a Practice Location

Learn how successful dentists, optometrists, physicians, and veterinarians are using demographic data to identify optimal medical office space. In this webinar, you'll learn trade secrets to site selection from one of the leading medical and dental brokers. Register now >

How to Start-up Dental Practice_Webinar_

VP, Dental Real Estate

Austin Cure

Austin Cure Dental Real Estate Broker_Xi

How to Start-up a Dental Practice Without Prior Business Experience

Learn a proven six-step strategy for starting up a dental office. Whether you're a recent dental school graduate or an associate with several years of clinical experience, this free webinar shows you how the most successful practice owners got their start. Attendance is free, but space is limited. Register now >

How to Build-out a Medical Office_Xite R

SVP, Development and Project Management

Helena Jenkins

Helena Jenkins Healthcare Construction M

How to Build-out a Medical Office Your Patients Will Love While Staying on Time and Budget

Learn how dentists, optometrists, physicians, and veterinarians are building out their offices to delight their patients and respect their budget, timeline, and specifications. You'll also learn tips for selecting the right team members and communicating between vendors. Register now >

Cold-Start an Optometry Practice_Webinar


Patrick Valentz

How to Cold-Start an Optometry Practice with only a Dream in Mind

Learn how attainable opening and owning an optical clinic is with insider tips and proven processes. We'll show you how to decipher a great location from a good one, and how to put the right team in place for a successful start-to-finish experience. Register now >

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