Dentistry of the Oaks

Client Information:

  • Dr. Katie Stuchlik and Dr. Lindsey Wendt

  • General Dentists

  • The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston, 2015


Location Highlights:

  • Houston, Texas

  • The doctors wanted to open a practice in the heart of their neighborhood, Garden Oaks/Oak Forest, and their office location is in the center of it.

  • Oak Forest is the third largest group of subdivisions in Harris County and is growing rapidly.

  • The location is at a high-traffic intersection at W 34th Street and Ella Blvd.




Xite Realty Team Members:

"The best decision we made when building our dental practice was working with Xite Realty. Drew and Patrick are so knowledgeable and were always available to help us at any point during our lease negotiations and beyond. They want to see us succeed and it really shows with the care they put into each project. They helped us secure the best location for our practice and we could not be happier. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anybody in the medical and dental industry."

Katie Stuchlik, DDS

Xite Realty

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