Invest in Your Future and Community by Opening Your Practice

Your practice ownership dreams. Your commitment to improving your patients' health. Your entrepreneurial ideas. They all start right here.

Many healthcare providers desire private practice, but most don't know where to start, the steps to take, the vendors to connect with, or the opportunity cost of acting on their dreams.


Our proven, six-step process to opening medical and dental offices through a data-driven approach equips our clients to achieve their practice ownership goals with confidence.

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"Dental school does not teach you how to find a great location, read demographic reports, and negotiate a lease. Furthermore, being an associate, you really don't have the access to reputable vendors and contractors to help you along the way. If you're considering a startup, I would HIGHLY recommend you sit down with Brandon from Xite."

Behram Shaw, DMD

Xite Realty has developed a proprietary and highly specialized demographic database that's tailored to our healthcare clients. 


This evidence-based data gives our clients confidence when making decisions about their practice locations.

Our demographic analysis and detailed report, the Prescribed Site Analysis, is completely customized to your practice goals and objectives, ideal patient base, and personal preferences.


With this complimentary and customized demographic data in your hands, you'll be able to:

  • Evaluate markets that meet your specific requirements.

  • Narrow areas to review available, proposed, or second-generation medical and dental offices.

  • Perform side-by-side analyses to compare specific properties to determine the right fit for your practice.

Xite Realty's industry-leading medical and dental brokers understand the complexities of medical and dental offices and leases.


Our healthcare real estate experts know how to aggressively negotiate deal economics with your best interest in mind. 

Your practice goals, personal preferences, ideal patient base, and specific requirements set the stage for optimal site selection. Our team hones in on properties that are fitting for your practice. And negotiates the deal on your behalf with data, experience, and market insights to back it up.


With our proven approach to medical real estate brokerage, our clients experience:


  • The benefits of selecting a real estate broker who specializes in serving dentists, optometrists, physicians, and veterinarians.

  • The confidence needed to make the leap from associate to practice owner, or from one office to many locations.

  • The valuable support from a player-coach who coordinates vendors on the team.

“Xite really pulled it all together in a nice package. They helped me from beginning to end. We started talking when it was just a thought in my head of me opening my own business. We were able to get sites from the beginning and start working through those sites. It was a very easy process.”

Xite Realty

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