Asiri Family Dentistry

Client Information:

  • Dr. Michael Guzman

  • General Dentist

  • The University of Minnesota, 2016


Location Highlights:

  • The Woodlands, Texas

  • The office is approximately one-mile from Dr. Guzman's home.

  • The location is in a high-traffic area on one of the main roads in The Woodlands.

  • A children's art studio, yoga studio, taekwondo, and breakfast restaurant are great co-tenants for this family dentistry practice.




Xite Realty Team Member:

"Xite Realty put all the time needed to make sure I had the perfect space for my first practice. Quy has been like a big brother, guiding me through every step of the way, placing the right people to accomplish my vision and looking out for my best interest while negotiating my lease. I am beyond grateful for their services and would highly recommend them for any commercial real estate needs. Thank you for your amazing and professional service!"

Michael Guzman, DDS

Xite Realty

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